Why do you Workout?

“Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.” When you view working out as a task you must do to “fix” your body, you’re going to dread it.  On the flip side, if you workout because you respect your body and everything it’s capable of, you start to enjoy being more active.Continue reading “Why do you Workout?”

Love Your Body

Life’s better when you love your body.  Even though you might not realize it, hating your body takes a toll on you. Think about all the energy and time you spend criticizing your body; now imagine putting that towards something else, like self-love time, pouring into other women or your children, or working towards aContinue reading “Love Your Body”

Your Body is Capable of Amazing Things!

Your body is a masterpiece. It’s capable. It’s strong. It can do the things you set your mind to. Today during my workout I was realizing how much stronger my body’s gotten and that it can do things now that I couldn’t in the past. I’ve gotten stronger, more flexible, and more understanding of myContinue reading “Your Body is Capable of Amazing Things!”

Be Patient with Yourself

I shared this quote to my story on Instagram but it resonated with me so much I wanted to share it here too: 👇🏼 “Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.” 🌸 I think this is especially important to hear right now; I know a lot of people are struggling with quarantineContinue reading “Be Patient with Yourself”