Living the Dream

✨ It’s a dream come true: ✨ Closing the distance in our relationship to be together every day. 💕 Working remotely in Greece (I mean- look at that water!). 👩🏼‍💻 Helping people live healthier lives (talk about purposeful work!). 💪🏼 Making progress on my own journey (in all aspects- physically, mentally, spiritually). 🙏🏼 Doing whatContinue reading “Living the Dream”

There's Another Option

I feel bad for the girl who thinks there’s no other option- A regular 9-5 job… Living paycheck to paycheck… Being in debt… Clocking in and out without a larger purpose… With no time for herself. What if I told you though that with some hard work and dedication, there’s an alternative? Working from homeContinue reading “There's Another Option”