How’s Your Journey Going?

How long have you been on your fitness journey? What gains have you gotten? It’s a slow process and I’ll always remind you it is, but if it’s been months and you still aren’t getting results, something needs to change. Maybe you need to try a different type of workout, be more consistent, and/or adjustContinue reading “How’s Your Journey Going?”

Your Body is Capable of Amazing Things!

Your body is a masterpiece. It’s capable. It’s strong. It can do the things you set your mind to. Today during my workout I was realizing how much stronger my body’s gotten and that it can do things now that I couldn’t in the past. I’ve gotten stronger, more flexible, and more understanding of myContinue reading “Your Body is Capable of Amazing Things!”

Fitness Journey Update

“It’s a gradual process but quitting won’t speed it up.” My visual results aren’t bad for only 3 months of working out from home, but this program changed me even more mentally. I showed myself that I can not only workout through the toughest part of the winter, but I can do it for anContinue reading “Fitness Journey Update”

Progress from Working Out at Home

I’ve gone from skin and bones to “where did that come from?!” by working out at home. I didn’t think I needed a trainer or program to follow. I was skeptical of at-home workouts getting me good results. Would it be worth the cost? 1000%!  Shoulder pain that plagued me for YEARS is gone (good-byeContinue reading “Progress from Working Out at Home”