At-home Workout Equipment Substitutions

At-home workout equipment substitutions: Weights: Use soup cans, water bottles, laundry detergent bottles or gallon jugs filled with water/sand as weights! If you have a baby/toddler (or even a dog!), use him/her as your weight! Cardio: Run up and down a flight of stairs for a killer cardio session! Triceps: Use a chair for tricepContinue reading “At-home Workout Equipment Substitutions”

How to Combat Loneliness at Home

I spend most of my days inside and I’m normally alone for a few days at a time, even without a pandemic. That might sound miserable to some of you, but I enjoy it (99% of the time) and wanted to share some of my tips: Spend your time doing a fun activity: Try reading,Continue reading “How to Combat Loneliness at Home”