Living the Dream

✨ It’s a dream come true: ✨ Closing the distance in our relationship to be together every day. 💕 Working remotely in Greece (I mean- look at that water!). 👩🏼‍💻 Helping people live healthier lives (talk about purposeful work!). 💪🏼 Making progress on my own journey (in all aspects- physically, mentally, spiritually). 🙏🏼 Doing whatContinue reading “Living the Dream”

At-home Workout Equipment Substitutions

At-home workout equipment substitutions: Weights: Use soup cans, water bottles, laundry detergent bottles or gallon jugs filled with water/sand as weights! If you have a baby/toddler (or even a dog!), use him/her as your weight! Cardio: Run up and down a flight of stairs for a killer cardio session! Triceps: Use a chair for tricepContinue reading “At-home Workout Equipment Substitutions”

How to Combat Loneliness at Home

I spend most of my days inside and I’m normally alone for a few days at a time, even without a pandemic. That might sound miserable to some of you, but I enjoy it (99% of the time) and wanted to share some of my tips: Spend your time doing a fun activity: Try reading,Continue reading “How to Combat Loneliness at Home”

Tips for Working from Home and Online Classes

If you’ve all of a sudden found yourself working from home or doing online classes, I’d love to share some of my tips on the topic! I’ve been working from home for several years, and I finished the last two years of my undergraduate degree online. Below are some of the things I’ve learned helpContinue reading “Tips for Working from Home and Online Classes”

5 Things to Do Before (Temporarily) Moving Abroad

Moving overseas, even temporarily, while exciting, can be daunting! Follow this list to ensure you take care of the logistics before leaving the States! This list assumes you already have flights, a job overseas (if necessary) and housing. Call your bank and debit/credit card companies: Before leaving the country, make sure you inform your bankContinue reading “5 Things to Do Before (Temporarily) Moving Abroad”

5 Best Travel Apps for Europe

The following five apps are bound to make traveling easier, even if you don’t have cell phone service when you get there! Google Translate (free): Unless you’re fluent in the language of the country you’re visiting, you’ll want to download Google Translate. This app allows you to translate between two different languages using text, pictures,Continue reading “5 Best Travel Apps for Europe”

My Easy, Go-to Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m obsessed with fruit smoothies! I love fruit & you can throw practically anything into them (including hidden nutrients), so they’re a win-win! This is my favorite fruit smoothie recipe because it’s so versatile! Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie Serves 1-2 people 1 banana (I like it best when they’re justContinue reading “My Easy, Go-to Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie”

Happy Halloween ’19!

In our 9+ years together, my hubby and I have only celebrated three Halloweens together due to being long distance or living overseas. Our first was while we were still in high school; the second was during our college years (who can guess what our costume was!? Comment below!), and the last time was whileContinue reading “Happy Halloween ’19!”

Travel-Friendly Kitchen Hacks

This is a compilation of kitchen hacks I’ve found over the years. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried all of them, but they’re just too handy to forget about!  Need a rolling pin? Use a wine bottle with the label removed. Stained container (from pasta sauce, etc.)? Combine sugar, dish soap, ice cubes, and waterContinue reading “Travel-Friendly Kitchen Hacks”