Strawberry-Feta Salad

I don’t like vegetables but I love fruit, so I like to hide vegetables with my fruit. This salad is probably my favorite way to do this! Tip: the smaller you slice your strawberries, the farther you can stretch them. Strawberry, feta salad: Lettuce Sliced fresh strawberries Feta cheese Sliced almonds Walnuts Homemade strawberry vinaigretteContinue reading “Strawberry-Feta Salad”

How to Eat Healthier as a Picky Eater

This is what my picky-eater self is eating this week! Breakfast: Quiche Post-workout: Strawberry-banana superfood shake with spinach Lunch: Vegetable soup  Snack: Apple, cucumber, cashews, and 2 eggs 2nd snack: Granola Dinner: Teriyaki chicken stir-fry “Dessert”: Strawberry/feta salad I eat every 2-3 hours to keep my energy levels up, and found this works really wellContinue reading “How to Eat Healthier as a Picky Eater”

Why follow a meal plan if you’re already skinny?

When I looked at my daily food intake and compared it to my customized meal plan, I realized I wasn’t eating enough vegetables (3 servings too few, to be exact!) and was eating 5 too many servings of carbs! (#ihateveggies) Carbs are necessary for your body to function well, but I was not only eatingContinue reading “Why follow a meal plan if you’re already skinny?”

Pasta Fagioli Soup

Ingredients: Olive oil 1.5 cups dry whole grain small pasta (like macaroni or orzo) 2 medium carrots, chopped 2 medium celery stalks, chopped 3 cloves garlic 4 cups low-sodium chicken broth Frozen spinach (or string beans) 1 (15 oz) can white beans drained & rinsed 1 (14.5 oz) can chunky tomatoes 4 tsp dried rosemaryContinue reading “Pasta Fagioli Soup”

Vanilla-Scented Granola

This granola’s so good Hubby eats it with yogurt for breakfast everyday! I’ve found making a quadruple batch lasts us about 2 weeks. Vanilla-Scented Granola Ingredients: Nonstick vegetable oil spray (for baking sheet) 4 cups old fashioned oats 1 cup sliced almonds 1/3 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 tsp salt 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon 1/3Continue reading “Vanilla-Scented Granola”

My Easy, Go-to Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m obsessed with fruit smoothies! I love fruit & you can throw practically anything into them (including hidden nutrients), so they’re a win-win! This is my favorite fruit smoothie recipe because it’s so versatile! Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie Serves 1-2 people 1 banana (I like it best when they’re justContinue reading “My Easy, Go-to Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie”

Travel-Friendly Kitchen Hacks

This is a compilation of kitchen hacks I’ve found over the years. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried all of them, but they’re just too handy to forget about!  Need a rolling pin? Use a wine bottle with the label removed. Stained container (from pasta sauce, etc.)? Combine sugar, dish soap, ice cubes, and waterContinue reading “Travel-Friendly Kitchen Hacks”

5 Ways to Improve Your Health if you’re Always Sick

I’ve been skinny all my life. Many would think it’s a blessing, and I guess in some ways it is. I can eat whatever I want and it doesn’t show; I don’t need to workout to fit into society’s “perfect” body type. Basically, I can treat my body horribly and no one would know becauseContinue reading “5 Ways to Improve Your Health if you’re Always Sick”

The 5 Easiest Ways to Eat Eggs

If you’re trying to bulk up, eggs are one type of food that should be your new best friend! Bodybuilders may eat as many as 6 eggs in a meal for the calories. They’re packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals to help you recover and take full advantage of your workouts! Another benefit of eggsContinue reading “The 5 Easiest Ways to Eat Eggs”