How I Afford Fitness Products

You don’t have the money. I get it. Money’s tight and there are a lot of unknowns, especially now. But I just covered my workout programs, daily shakes (aka one meal a day), meal plans, and business expenses for the month in one week. For the rest of the month, it’s all profit. It’s notContinue reading “How I Afford Fitness Products”

Progress from Working Out at Home

I’ve gone from skin and bones to “where did that come from?!” by working out at home. I didn’t think I needed a trainer or program to follow. I was skeptical of at-home workouts getting me good results. Would it be worth the cost? 1000%!  Shoulder pain that plagued me for YEARS is gone (good-byeContinue reading “Progress from Working Out at Home”

How to Workout During the Winter

Are you struggling to workout over the winter? I feel you! I haven’t worked out this consistently (during the winter) since my junior year of high school, 9 years ago! These are some of my tips for you ladies who hate the cold as much as I do: – Start your warmup while you’re stillContinue reading “How to Workout During the Winter”

Why I Never Reached My Fitness Goals

Despite being athletic, basically having my own personal trainer at my disposal (hello, professional athlete husband), and knowing my way around the gym, I wasn’t reaching my fitness goals.  What I lacked? Consistency. As soon as I not only made that realization but accepted it, I dove in. I took a hard look at myselfContinue reading “Why I Never Reached My Fitness Goals”

How I Started Working Out More

I used to be great at working out over the summer, getting all the gains, but as soon as cooler weather hit, for whatever reason, I’d always get off track and lose the progress I’d made. This forced me to start over ever summer when working towards that summer body, and man did I getContinue reading “How I Started Working Out More”

How to Improve your Life

Start with yourself. If you always look for the negative in a situation, that’s what you’ll find. If you’re constantly putting yourself down, you won’t make it very far. If you don’t think you can do it, you won’t.Believe in yourself. Start focusing on what you have accomplished, not what you haven’t. Set aside time dailyContinue reading “How to Improve your Life”

5 Ways to Improve Your Health if you’re Always Sick

I’ve been skinny all my life. Many would think it’s a blessing, and I guess in some ways it is. I can eat whatever I want and it doesn’t show; I don’t need to workout to fit into society’s “perfect” body type. Basically, I can treat my body horribly and no one would know becauseContinue reading “5 Ways to Improve Your Health if you’re Always Sick”