My Current Eating Habits

I’m going to be honest- my nutrition has been a STRUGGLE BUS lately; between all the moving and now only having a hotel-type kitchen & no pots (if you didn’t catch my story about that, we moved twice the end of June & ended up in a smaller/cheaper spot with a tiny kitchen.)

Anyway- we’re also super close to all the waterfront restaurants so I was enjoying eating out & perfectly content avoiding using our kitchen for the most part.

Let me tell you though, only 10 days in and I’m so over eating out! My body’s craving vegetables, my digestion is horrible (I swear I can feel all the grease), and I’m bloated.

I really spoiled my body eating better this past winter and looks like there’s no going back now!

So tomorrow I’m going on a hunt for cheap pots and grocery shopping!

Do you have any easy/summer-friendly recipes you love?? Help your girl out & drop them below!

Music & Workouts

Music is one of my secrets to success; it pumps me up and gives me something to focus on, especially when I need to push myself. (If you need a workout playlist, you can access mine for free on Spotify- link in my bio!)

I got these results from doing a 2 month-long program set to the beat of the music!

Working out with appropriate beats sounded nice but I didn’t realize how effective it would be in a program! I really pushed myself to stay on beat, which kept me from rushing through moves (like I always do) or slowing down to skimp on some reps.

I pushed myself harder during this program than I ever have before, and I’d say it shows!

Now that I’ve done this program, I’m extra excited for our newest program that’s also set to the beat of the music! 

Not only that, but it’s a fast-paced lifting program (right up my alley!), focused on building muscle & burning fat in just 25-35 minutes/day!

I’ll be doing it with a small group of ladies (the ultimate accountability!) & I’d love to have you join us! Prep week starts July 20- comment below if you want more details!

(Full transparency: These photos are taken closer to 3 months apart because I took my “before” photo a bit before the program started, and was late taking my “after” photo due to all of the moving we did recently. Regardless, I got these results from about 60 days of working out.)

Strawberry-Feta Salad

I don’t like vegetables but I love fruit, so I like to hide vegetables with my fruit. This salad is probably my favorite way to do this!

Tip: the smaller you slice your strawberries, the farther you can stretch them.

Strawberry, feta salad:


Sliced fresh strawberries

Feta cheese

Sliced almonds


Homemade strawberry vinaigrette

Vinaigrette recipe: (super easy, I promise!)

2 tbls Apple cider vinegar (or white balsamic vinegar)

2 tbls olive oil

1 tbls honey

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1 1/3 cup strawberries

Blend until smooth.

What’s the Definition of a Racist?

What's a racist?

Being a racist doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. 

What?? Hear me out-

We’ve come to believe that a racist is 

1. An individual 

2. Who consciously doesn’t like people based on race 

3. & who intentionally seeks to be mean to them.

By this definition, when someone points out that something was racist, we interpret it to mean we’re a bad person. Then, obviously, we start to defend ourselves.

This makes it it nearly impossible to look at ourselves and see anything racist about our past, because most of our biases are unconscious.

Paraphrased from Robin DiAngelo.

Why do you Workout?

“Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.”

When you view working out as a task you must do to “fix” your body, you’re going to dread it. 

On the flip side, if you workout because you respect your body and everything it’s capable of, you start to enjoy being more active.

Instead of criticising yourself mentally during your workout, your internal monologue shifts to uplifting, encouraging words: “I can do this,” “I’m getting stronger,” “I am powerful.”

& then that positivity translates into the rest of your life in the form of confidence and happiness!

What do you tell yourself while you’re working out?

#ManorStrong Summer Challenge Kick-off!

Manor College #ManorStrong summer challenge

As a proud alumna of Manor College, I’m excited to announce their #ManorStrong Summer Challenge kicking off today! Every two weeks for the next 6 weeks, we’ll have a new fun challenge to stay active!

Starting today, we challenge you to do an “in place” exercise for 15 minutes, 5 days each this and next week! (Jumping jacks, sit-ups, or walking in place are all good options!)

Comment “👊🏼” below if you accept the challenge!

How’s Your Journey Going?

How long have you been on your fitness journey?

What gains have you gotten?

It’s a slow process and I’ll always remind you it is, but if it’s been months and you still aren’t getting results, something needs to change.

Maybe you need to try a different type of workout, be more consistent, and/or adjust your diet.

I was “on” a fitness journey all through college but never made any significant progress.

Subconsciously I knew this, but I was avoiding the fact that what I was doing wasn’t working.

There’s no shame- I played sports through high school and “knew” how to workout, but there’s so much more to getting results than just lifting some weights or running on the treadmill.

I really wasn’t training my entire body, being consistent, or eating well; if you aren’t either, hit me up and let’s chat- because I’ve been there!

How to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey

No one feels like working out every day.

Since you’re bound to want to skip your workout sometime in the future (if it hasn’t already happened 😜), here are some ways to stay motivated and keep working towards your goals!

Have a “why”: Knowing why you started your journey in the first place will remind yourself what you’re working towards. This is especially helpful for me when my workout gets tough and I want to give up!

Pump the music: Create a playlist of your favorite and most upbeat songs; you’ll be surprised how much energy you can pull from some good jams!

Use pre-workout: I never used pre-workout in the past, but it’s been a game-changer for me recently. Think: Coffee for working out! Good luck sitting still while listening to your favorite music and sipping some pre-workout! (Not sure which pre-workout to use? I’m happy to share the one I use!)

Find a buddy: It’s scientifically proven that we’re more likely to reach our goals when we do it with a friend! Find someone else who also wants to workout more, and then hold each other accountable! You can find someone local so you can workout in person together, or even someone farther away who you check-in with over text, or workout together over video! (Let me know if you need a buddy!)

Track your progress: After you start seeing results, it becomes addicting! Take photos (front, side and back), measurements (with a tape measure), and weigh yourself (but don’t rely on this indicator too strongly since muscle weighs more than fat!) to get a rounded picture of the progress you’re making!

What helps you get your workout in when you don’t feel like it?

Happy Juneteenth!

Sometimes I wonder what I would have done, had I been born while slavery was still legal.

As much as I like to think I would have taken action against it, I’ll never really know. However, I believe that what we do now to fight the current injustices is a good indicator of what we would have done against slavery. 

Afterall, even though African Americans aren’t technically slaves anymore, they’re more likely to be incarcerated, and did you know prisoners provide free labor for corporations? They’re calling it modern slavery. Don’t believe me? Look up “prison labor”. (Thanks to the Netflix documentary “13th” for opening my eyes to this reality!)

If this is shocking to you too, drop a “✊🏾” in the comments!

3 Tips to Achieve Goals

Do you have goals you haven’t been able to achieve?

Does it feel like you’ve been working towards them forever, but they’re always just out of reach?

I felt the same way on my fitness journey.

Here are some tips I’ve learned recently:

Have a why: Establish a meaningful reason why you want to achieve your goal. Remembering this will remind you why you started in the first place when things get tough.

Find support/accountability: Studies have shown people are more likely to reach their goals when they have support and accountability. Set yourself up for success by finding a buddy; you two can pull each other along to reach your goals!

Consider the costs: All change comes with a sacrifice; are you willing to give up comfort, time, etc. for your goal? Realizing the cost of your goal will allow you to see what it’ll really take to achieve it.

What’s your goal? Comment it below!