Do You Start Over Every Spring?

How’s it feel to be starting your fitness journey again? Have you started again yet? This is around the time when I’d restart my fitness journey after taking the winter off.  It was easy to avoid workouts in the winter- it’s cold, dreary, classes are in full swing, and layers of clothing hide any gainsContinue reading “Do You Start Over Every Spring?”

What I’m Doing to Make a Difference

Aside from educating myself (and hopefully some of you), I’ve felt relatively unable to make a difference in this fight, especially being in Greece. That being said, I’m excited to announce something I can do this month to help: We have 4 African American super trainers that are partnered with our company and paid perContinue reading “What I’m Doing to Make a Difference”

Love Your Body

Life’s better when you love your body.  Even though you might not realize it, hating your body takes a toll on you. Think about all the energy and time you spend criticizing your body; now imagine putting that towards something else, like self-love time, pouring into other women or your children, or working towards aContinue reading “Love Your Body”

Our Police Encounter

We were parked in a McDonald’s parking lot late one night (maybe midnight?). I can’t remember where we’d been, but in that moment we were just eating our McDonald’s, enjoying some in-person, one-on-one time that’s so rare in long distance relationships. We were surprised when we saw a police pull into the parking lot withContinue reading “Our Police Encounter”

Skinny vs. Healthy

Let’s stop assuming that someone’s healthy simply because they’re skinny.  Instead, let’s consider the whole picture. Are they happy? Eating healthy foods? Working out? How’s their mental health? Looks can be deceiving. At my skinniest (110 pounds, 5’8”), I was the most unhealthy I’ve ever been. I was insecure, barely got out of bed, andContinue reading “Skinny vs. Healthy”