Finally Committing- An Announcement

Alright, alright FINE.Have you ever asked God something but not liked the answer? For months I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to share this publicly. I’ve been beating around the bush, afraid to commit, so I asked Him about it recently. A few days ago he placed multiple things in my life allContinue reading “Finally Committing- An Announcement”

The Struggles on My Fitness Journey

No one’s journey is easy. I went from being a year-round athlete in high school to being sick in bed for months and losing my muscle mass. I spent a gap year overcoming that obstacle and lifting weights so I’d never look like that again. I went from working out over an hour a day,Continue reading “The Struggles on My Fitness Journey”

Does it Really Matter to You?

“I don’t have time”, ”I’m tired”, “I can do it later”, were just a few things I’d tell myself when I thought about working out. But in reality they were just excuses cloaking the fact that working out wasn’t a priority. I didn’t want it enough. I said I wanted to be fit, but IContinue reading “Does it Really Matter to You?”

How to Change your Life

It’s the small, daily changes we make that change our lives. Trying to save $10,000? Start by saving $4/day (your morning coffee). Want to run a marathon? Start by walking a mile a day. Want to eat healthier? Start by removing soda from your diet. I’ve always believed you’re more likely to stick with somethingContinue reading “How to Change your Life”

Why our Marriage and Wedding were Different

One year since we celebrated. Two years of marriage. Eight years of long distance. Ten years together. When we got married in 2018 and celebrated it a year later, it was unusual. Due to Marcus’s job, we didn’t have time to plan a celebration before he left, but we wanted to close the distance forContinue reading “Why our Marriage and Wedding were Different”

How We’re Surviving Quarantine Together

This is by far the longest we’ve been together “non-stop”. We’re used to long distance and work-related travel separating us frequently, so Corona has been a blessing and honestly a bit of an adjustment. One thing I’ve found to be super important is for each of us to have our own things to keep usContinue reading “How We’re Surviving Quarantine Together”

Have you heard of Sandra Bland?

Institutional racism has been happening for all of America’s history, and yet I was oblivious to it until fairly recently. Even after I started dating Marcus, I wasn’t aware how much African Americans go through in this country. This was especially obvious to me when I rented “Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell a fewContinue reading “Have you heard of Sandra Bland?”