Finally Committing- An Announcement

Alright, alright FINE.
Have you ever asked God something but not liked the answer?

For months I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to share this publicly.

I’ve been beating around the bush, afraid to commit, so I asked Him about it recently.

A few days ago he placed multiple things in my life all in one day, encouraging me to share it:

I have IBS.

It causes bloating, cramping, urgency and, I’m convinced, tiredness.

Certain foods make it worse for each individual, and there is no cure other than diet changes.

Due to limiting my stress, getting enough sleep, taking medication, and eating well overall, I’ve been able to manage my symptoms pretty well. However, it still makes it hard to workout some days and I try to avoid HIIT workouts since they can aggregate it.

I guess the point of this post is that no one’s journey is easy. We all have setbacks, excuses, and speed bumps that can get in the way, but it’s up to us to determine what we’ll let stand in our way of our dreams.

Drop a 👊🏼 if you’re determined to chase your dreams, regardless of what life throws at you!

Published by Sarah C. Gilbert

I help ladies eat better and workout consistently. I'm married to my high school sweetheart; we were in a long distance relationship for 8 years before getting married, and even now are still occasionally in a long distance relationship. I love sunshine/warmth, cute dogs, working out, motivational quotes, spending time with my husband, and cooking. Follow me on Instagram: @SarahGilbertFitness

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