How to Combat Loneliness at Home

I spend most of my days inside and I’m normally alone for a few days at a time, even without a pandemic. That might sound miserable to some of you, but I enjoy it (99% of the time) and wanted to share some of my tips:

Spend your time doing a fun activity: Try reading, writing, doing puzzles, playing card games (there are one-player games too!), listening to audio books, or drawing (I’m the most un-artistic person but I enjoy adult coloring books).

Contact a friend/your family: Send a text, make a phone call, or schedule a video chat to really combat loneliness!

Focus on work: This is my favorite. When I start working, I dive all in. Time flies by and all of a sudden the day’s gone! If you have a hard time diving in, I’d recommend starting by dedicating all of your brainpower to your work and not watching the clock.

Take a break: While I don’t recommend wasting your day away (you’ll likely regret it at bedtime), it is important to take breaks if you’re being productive all day. I enjoy watching @netflix while I eat. Some of my favorites are @friends, @bigbangtheory_cbs, @umbrellaacad, @brianregancomedian and @jimgaffigan. @unbreakablekimmyschmidt is also a great one when you need a good laugh and pick-me-up!

Make todo lists: This might not actually help you be less lonely but it’ll definitely help keep you sane! Writing down everything you need to do helps you let go of it until you have the time/capacity to complete it.

Run errands or go for a walk: A change of scenery and getting out of the house can help you get out of your head and see others, even if from afar.

Workout: Being active has so many benefits I can’t even list them all here, but a few of my favorites are increased mood, confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and better sleep (so helpful when you’re stuck inside a lot)! Plus, it’s even more important to workout now to strengthen your cardiovascular system and stay healthy!

Published by Sarah C. Gilbert

I help ladies eat better and workout consistently. I'm married to my high school sweetheart; we were in a long distance relationship for 8 years before getting married, and even now are still occasionally in a long distance relationship. I love sunshine/warmth, cute dogs, working out, motivational quotes, spending time with my husband, and cooking. Follow me on Instagram: @SarahGilbertFitness

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