5 Things to Do Before (Temporarily) Moving Abroad

5 things to do before moving abroad

Moving overseas, even temporarily, while exciting, can be daunting! Follow this list to ensure you take care of the logistics before leaving the States!

This list assumes you already have flights, a job overseas (if necessary) and housing.

  1. Call your bank and debit/credit card companies: Before leaving the country, make sure you inform your bank and debit/credit card companies that you’ll be in another country, otherwise they might put a hold on your account for suspicious activity. When you call, just tell them you’d like to add a “travel notice” to your account. Make sure you ask what their international transaction fees are. If you need a debit card without international fees, Visa is accepted most places; I recommend Charles Schwab!
  2. Get international health insurance: If you or your loved one won’t be employed with health insurance overseas, make sure you purchase your own plan so that you’re prepared if the worst happens. I’ve used IMG in the past, but World Nomads and Travel Guard are other options. Some travel insurance includes health insurance, so you can look into that before making another purchase.
  3. Call your cell phone provider: Unless you have an international cell phone plan, you’ll want to call your provider to learn what your international options are, or to put a hold on your account if you’ll be gone for a long period of time. You can purchase a plan in the country you’re traveling to, but unless your current phone is unlocked, you’ll also need to purchase a phone. My husband and I switched to T-Mobile and have been very happy with their international plan (not to mention we don’t even need to contact them before we leave the country)!
  4. Get a flu shot: If you’re leaving in the fall like I usually do, I recommend you get a flu shot. (Flu shots are usually available as early as mid-August at CVS.) Traveling puts a toll on your body and exposes you to a lot of germs. Jet lag is horrible enough; you won’t want to wake up with the flu as well!
  5. Go shopping: I always pack certain things from home that are either difficult to find overseas or simply make our temporary housing feel more like home. You can visit this article to find what I pack for the kitchen.

Aside from this logistical list, I also recommend you load up on quality time with your family and friends while you’re still with them!

I hope this article helps your move overseas go smoothly, and I wish you safe travels!

Did I forget something? Comment below!

Published by Sarah C. Gilbert

I help ladies eat better and workout consistently. I'm married to my high school sweetheart; we were in a long distance relationship for 8 years before getting married, and even now are still occasionally in a long distance relationship. I love sunshine/warmth, cute dogs, working out, motivational quotes, spending time with my husband, and cooking. Follow me on Instagram: @SarahGilbertFitness

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