5 Best Travel Apps for Europe

The 5 best travel apps for Europe

The following five apps are bound to make traveling easier, even if you don’t have cell phone service when you get there!

  1. Google Translate (free): Unless you’re fluent in the language of the country you’re visiting, you’ll want to download Google Translate. This app allows you to translate between two different languages using text, pictures, handwriting, voice, or even a conversation! I love that not only can you take a picture to be translated, but you can also translate a picture from the camera roll on your phone! However, my absolute favorite thing about this app is that you can download an “offline translation” if you either don’t have an international cell phone plan, or if you simply want faster results! Google Translate is my go-to app everytime I go grocery shopping!
  2. Google Maps (free): I’m noticing that Google Maps is more “internationally friendly” than Apple Maps. For example, when I search for the name of an island in the Mediterranean using Apple Maps, it shows me results for places near me in the United States. On the other hand, Google Maps pulls up the Mediterranean island I’m trying to find. Even if we ignore this fact, Google Maps is still a must when traveling because you can download offline maps! Offline maps are ideal if you don’t have cell phone service or want to be able to pull up GPS quickly.
  3. Netflix (membership required): Even though many long-flight airplanes have personal televisions, I’ve found that some do not, and most smaller airplanes do not. Since I personally can’t sleep much on airplanes and get motion sickness, my flights would be miserable without Netflix! Make sure you download enough shows and movies for your flight before you get on the airplane (I like to do it while I’m still home with fast wifi).
  4. Spotify (membership required): I always download music playlists on my phone using Spotify when I travel. I listen to music to drown out the (loud) airplane, and while I (try to) sleep.
  5. Mobile Passport (free): When it’s time to return to the States, the Mobile Passport app will let you skip the lines at customs (at most major airports), which you know can be a huge time saver if you’ve ever traveled out of the country before! When you land, simply upload your passport and answer the customs questions on your phone, then proceed to the appropriate counter. (You can fill it out before your flight, but it’s only valid for a few hours after completion.) The first time I used this app, there was only one person ahead of me, who was being helped when I arrived. Needless to say that was the quickest I had ever gone through customs!

I hope these international travel apps make your time abroad more enjoyable, and I wish you a wonderful and safe trip! 

What apps do you use when you travel? Which are your favorite? Comment below!

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